Thursday, March 4, 2010

Transfer Update

I've got writing to do, so I promise to make this quick so I can get the next bit of entertainment in the pipeline and out into the intertubes very soon.

WordPress is. . .a very different animal than those I've worked with previously. He's a might bit secretive in how to bring out his best assets, and more than a little stubborn when it comes to taking direction. We're making progress, though. The going is slow, but progress is progress.

Until I get all the kinks worked out (or at the very least, we come to some sort of compromise, this new partner and I), I'm going to continue making updates here at Blogger.

That said, away we go!


Chuck said...

Again, if you have questions, give a shout. I've done... three or four of these things now? (WP installations.)

-- c.

gamerpanda said...

Thanks, Chuck. I appreciate it. :)

The problem is, I'm not sure how to do very basic things, such as change font size, when I'm writing posts. My HTML knowledge is limited, so I'm more than a little intimidated by this new toy I've acquired.

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